Calm Therapy System

New way of bringing additional mental and emotional wellbeing and support to spa consumers - by Eileen Meehan

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New way of bringing additional mental and emotional wellbeing and support to spa consumers - by Eileen Meehan

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The ‘Calm Therapy System’ includes a set of Hypnotherapy Recordings, stored on a tablet and linked to a set of Bluetooth headphones which the client can use whilst lying down on a massage table, relaxing in a spa chair, or having a manicure. Some spas already have AV slots in their massage tables, ready for earphones.

The Hypnotherapy recordings I have created are based on the main spa trends – such as better sleep, weight-loss, fertility efforts, anti-ageing, stress-management, as others. The set of recordings feature:

  • Deep Relaxation with Chromotherapy
  • Lose Weight & Feel Great
  • Let Go and Release Anxiety
  • Support your Healing Journey
  • Rejuvenation: Regain your Youthful Glow and Vigour
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Release and Manage Work-related Stress

Ideal for post covid syndrome

With the easing of restrictions on spa activities in most countries now, the majority of establishments are seeing a return of their clients. Isolation and work-from-home has been both physically and psychologically difficult for a significant group of people. We are witnessing a concerning rise in the number of psychological and mental health issues triggered by the events of the last year, ranging from higher divorce and separation rates, to weight-gain caused by stress. People have not been able to decompress in usual ways such as going on holidays, socializing with friends and family, or going to a spa.

I, like many others, have recently experienced a significant life-changing event, and felt these difficulties myself. As a therapist, I have developed a program to help spas assist their customers with such issues.

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Fully custom recordings

As a spa director, if you feel your clients have other specific concerns or difficulties, just reach out to me. I am able to create new recordings on any topic that might be of interest to your customers – even topics like ‘Improve your Golf Game’. We can also tailor each recording to include a welcome message from your particular spa.

The science behind

The process uses the same scientific principles of Hypnotherapy – once a person is in a relaxed state, their brain wave frequency goes to Alpha or Theta, where it is possible to give suggestions directly to the subconscious mind. Once there is a suggestion in the subconscious mind, the cerebro-spinal system takes over and puts them in action. The person usually finds themselves altering their behavior in a very natural way.

Play a Sample

Royalty free content

An alternative to using Calm would be for a spa to simply download a Hypnotherapy recording from Youtube. The challenge with this is that many recordings might not legally be allowed for commercial use. There is also the concern regarding the characteristics of the specific Hypnotherapist - a harsh voice or a strong accent can be very distracting and prevent your clients from reaching total relaxation. To avoid this, I create each recording myself in a professional studio and have received feedback about my ‘soothing voice’ from almost each client I have worked with.

Reach out now

The ‘Calm Therapy’ system is a completely unique, minimal-touch spa program. Its goal is to provide your clients with a beautiful, deeply relaxing and healing experience and can be used in combination with an existing treatment or as a stand-alone offering.