I am Eileen, your certified online therapist

Through Online Therapy and Coaching, I will guide you towards the healing you are seeking

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Through Online Therapy and Coaching, I will guide you towards the healing you are seeking

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Do you want to live your life with more purpose, joy, and serenity?

My therapy sessions lead to an authentic, fulfilled, and rewarding life where you are inspired to expand your potential in every direction.

My ultimate goal is for you to release your full potential - whether that is fulfilling your lifelong dreams, being the best 'you' you can be, having closer, better relationships, or simply by allowing yourself to open up to the joy that inherently exists in life.

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My experience

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of clients, both individually and within corporations. With individual clients, I mainly focus on resolving the root-cause of their issues and recurring patterns in their lives, essentially by healing inner-child wounds and childhood trauma. At an organisational level, I mostly help corporations setting up corporate health, wellness & development programmes, and assist employees embracing their authenticity at work.

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I can’t tell you the difference working with Eileen has made on my life. I met her when I was at a very low place in my life and working with her has saved me. She’s helped me get back on my feet, feel compassion for myself, and I’m so grateful.

Pari, UAE

My sessions with Eileen helped me to save my relationship with my now husband. I realized that it was my childhood trauma that was being triggered and the source of my fears and anxieties. I now have a lot more compassion for myself and have much more clarity and control over my patterns.

Malika, USA

My sessions with Eileen gave me a sense of calm and clarity at a point in my life when I was so overwhelmed and confused. Because of our work together, I was able to make the changes I needed in my life.

Giedre, Lithuania

About me

No matter where you are, you do not have to go through it alone - I am here to walk with you.

I've always found it invaluable to have some support, guidance and a helping-hand, which is what I love providing to my clients. My tools and therapy programs help release individuals from what holds them back.

I am certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching, Compassionate Inquiry, Theta Healing, Managing Deliberate Self-Harm, Regression Therapy, and Meditation.

About me

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Are you seeking more balance in life, new, healthier habits and greater personal power?

I take a holistic approach of both working with your current symptoms and dealing with their root-causes. As a result, I often see a rapid transformation in my clients, from the instantaneous healing of persistent physical issues to the release of significant unwanted patterns of behaviour. My therapy sessions take a gentle, unconditional-loving approach to each and every one of your concerns, aligned with a powerful resolution-orientated direction and force. On average, most of my clients benefit from 4 to 6 60-minute-sessions.